The Important Benefits of Using a PVC Door

Wuhan, China
January 26, 2015 7:17pm CST
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has no more been a new stuff for us, its usage in our daily lives give it a high popularity. When we look around in our working environment or the living places, the PVC products are widely existed there, like PVC bags, PVC cups, PVC furniture etc. This article is going to talk about the important benefits of using a PVC door. Quit surely to say, PVC doors are widely used currently specially among most of the home owners. Compared to the timber and aluminum doors, PVC doors are ingrained with a bunch of advantages. Let’s see what advantages Central Plastic Union PVC doors can bring to : Safe and Environment Protection PVC doors are made from high-molecular resin without formaldehyde and pollution. Anti-corrosive and Moisture-proof PVC doors are made from rigid PVC material with anti-bacterial, anti-corrosive, moisture-proof and moth-proof features. No mildew and moths happened when used in wet and hermetic environment. Fire Retardant The excellent performance in fire retardant has reached the National B1 standard, with the properties of non-combustion &non-flammability. Heat Preservation and Energy Saving The surface film of the doors is in high density and the hole-structure of internal design to a great extend can cut down the cross-ventilation and thermal transmission so as to make the environment preserve heat and save energy. One-step Forming The application of CELUKA principle endows doors with great strength and good mechanical properties. Related tests show that the tensile strength has reached 18MPa. The impact strength has reached 27kj/?and the Flexural Strength has reached 37MPa. All those data are higher than national standard. Light Material The standard weight of doors is restricted to about 30kg, so doors would be easier to use in our daily life. Hollow Structure Doors are made from a whole panel in the extrusion processing of high temp &strength and their hollow structure enable doors to bear strong impact as well as the expansion& contraction of temperature variation. Easy to Repair The raw materials PVC resin gives doors a recyclable characteristic. The surface film of doors can be easily repaired under the guidance of technicians. For more information, please kindly find us via
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