A Faithful Companion is the One who can Evolve with Us Together, Not make our Life complicated

Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - A Faithful Companion is the One who can Evolve with Us Together, Not make our Life complicated
Bangkok, Thailand
January 28, 2015 4:51am CST
The right people around us or in the neighborhood is a big plus in life, such as respecting family, friends and relations. Those are the ones who give us the best wishes and happy to see that we live a happy and prosperous life, and if we have problems, they will be the among the first to ask us whether we need help. Our hearts are together which jointly share the love and suffering, the unanimity between us is very strong and this also determined the feelings for friendship. Our main thought is simultaneous with them, and that to wish each other the best wishes with a good health, this give a huge impact in our life. The motto is that together we can conquer the world, we must unite and try to solve any issues together therefore make problems is only a stupid personal attitude which might create bad feelings and drives people apart. Be well connected and pursuit of communal improvements together will bring benefits to everyone in a collective way which associated with an equivalent treatment. We will not get any further with discrimination or competing against one other, because that will only generate depressing hate and negative feelings that not give inner peace to everyone. Always give each other space and opportunities without being greedy, so every individual will reap the fruits, and everything will be more spread among people. This will generate multiple opportunities through better distribution, because everyone is equal and the influence not just will rise to some individuals. So there will be more loyal companions to evolve together and not have a plan to make each other’s life complicated. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/a-faithful-companion-is-the-one-who-can-evolve-with-us-together-not-make-our-life-complicated.html
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