Everyone have Their Own Potential in Any Field, it’s All Depending on how Wisely We Use it.

Bangkok, Thailand
January 30, 2015 5:50am CST
No one can know everything or it is impossible to have a sense of anything, but certainly everyone has their own qualities in a particular field. In fact, that some do not even know what is their best superiority, and they only able to find out when start something or be interested in something. Thereafter, it is of important to see how much capacity we have in this area in order to make an influential and decisive judgment. With this result, we’ll know whether we have enough interest in this matter and therefore want to continue in the near future as our livelihood or hobby. These are decisions that will be different for every individual, because everyone has different priorities and we all knows what is sensible choice for us. But it would be a shame not to use it through our ultimate competence and expertise, and wasting the chances in life with neglecting from it. Our hearts and inner feeling should also be present to have serenity and conjoin with our thoughts to carry out it in concordance. Just do something which can give us financial benefits, because we are good at it, but if we have bad heart feelings with it, will not give us peace of mind in the long run, therefore we will not sustain with it forever. The difficulty is that if we know to be solid at somewhere but do not have too much interest and our equilibrium between good and bad agrees that it is the best for us, then its better if we find a way or possibility that it can be changed to a positive way. So we can use our potential capabilities wisely and well for a better future and not just purely depend on something that we possess with lesser qualities. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/everyone-have-their-own-potential-in-any-field-its-all-depending-on-how-wisely-we-use-it.html
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