Place the Correct Bet, we Only Win once, but Follow the Right People, We will be the Winner of our Whole Life

Bangkok, Thailand
April 7, 2015 5:20am CST
When we are young and totally innocent, we all learning about life, at that time we need not to be worried, because our parents take care of everything. At this age, we can see and discover what life has to offer for us if we look after about what’s going on around us, its called knowledge of human. If we can understand the basis conduct of people and support this, then we are already well on the way to a good future opportunities in a team context. To classify these individuals to work in a team is not easy and may take time. Just look at sports teams, when everyone is being placed in the right position, then he or she can give the best for contribute towards the ultimate performance among a group of players. So it is also with our life, if we are interested in a future progression together, we need the right people around us who are prepared to offer each other support. That early-stage actually already started in our youth when we are at school, where we think almost all are on the same level and can learn how to deal with each other. Normally there should be no distinction among each other, but it is there already at this age, that all is already a school/lesson itself, so we must adjust our own on it. The why and how we should apply to follow the forward-thinking line of conduct to make rapid progress in a social community, but we can still be ourselves? No, in a commune, we will have to constantly adapt ourselves to the circumstances in which we can find ourselves. By the most diverse forms of behavior and different cultures, is there for a good mutual understanding with each other, that we are obliged to assimilate us within our environment. But we can self make the choice where and with what people we want to continue to cope, and to make that discernment of individuals is important for our life path. If there is someone who are dishonest and stay around with us, and we decide to hang around with these wrong people, it is definitely a short-sighted thinking and maybe this won’t be lasting for long, it will also never give us peace and harmony. And everybody is free to make that choice, but to find the good one between rotten apples is not an easy task, and if no action is taken, then all the apples will be infected by bad ones over time. Think twice before you leap, if we want to be a winner every day in our lives and enjoying the freedom, we have to make the choice to proceed with the right teammates in our life, and do not make a choice only for the luck because maybe it will just be an uncertainty to win something.
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