Nature is Teacher

June 13, 2015 6:05am CST
Yes its true nature is a good teacher. In nature there are different types of flowers, trees, bushes, animals like they are differnt from one another yet they are part of this world. Like that way human beings are differnt from each other, everyone is unique and useful part of this world. Therefore there is unity in diversity. So now its time of universal brotherhood and all of us should be sucessful in this world. Everyones sucess is helpful for us to move furhter towards the development of humanbeings.
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• Bangalore, India
13 Jun 15
Nature send flowers and fruit via tress and plants just to protect them from us So nature is very wise as well
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• Bangalore, India
15 Jun 15
indeed without nature ...there will be no life
• Indore, India
16 Jun 15
yes nature is beutifull gift to god...... so rispect & care
@dpk262006 (58673)
• Delhi, India
15 Jun 15
Very well written. You seem to be a good writer/poet. You must horn your skills by penning more and more. All the best.
• Makati, Philippines
16 Jun 15
Yes, its true. Nature makes our world beautiful. It protects us from disasters. I really like nature. We should take good care of if we don't want to make our world look ugly
• India
14 Jun 15
Thoughtful !
• Lucknow, India
15 Jun 15
Hey , Ujala . Nature is the only teacher for us . it will teach you each and everything . flowers and fruits teach us that that we come here to fulfill our specific goal .