Curious - do you get more money starting lots of discussions or posting lots?

New Zealand
November 23, 2006 2:22pm CST
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• South Africa
23 Nov 06
I was about to post the same discussion topic :) I ran a tiny experiment yesterday and only started discussions (not many but many more than I usually do). I found that answering discussions seems to pay more. But it's true - you never know with myLot. It's all supposed to be top secret ;) I think the value changes all the time too. I hope lots of people answer with their experiences becuase it would be interesting to know which is worth more :)
• Portugal
23 Nov 06
i get more to posting lots
@smughal (1027)
• Pakistan
23 Nov 06
i think they pay u more for posting.. as one point is added when u post but no point is added for starting.. u never know with mylot..