Being a successful student should be "sugar babby"?

@mohaba77 (100)
Jakarta, Indonesia
June 21, 2015 12:01pm CST
Being a successful student should be "sugar babby"? The phenomenon of "Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babby" from a radio program reveals the ins and outs of the internet ensnare young women with wealthy men who could give them money, gifts, and exotic vacations although paid to the affair. Is it true that become mistresses now is becoming a trend in the UK ?. It is said that hundreds of female students at the University of Cambridge called the center of the world of education was now tainted with the splendor of the female students who become sugar babby cheating businessmen in exchange for thousands of euros per month. Finding out the reason? because of rising tuition fees, student objected, classic reason the student objected because it did not have many ways to pay for tuition. Student teaching hours will be cut off when they should be working. Well because the problem is too classic the classic solution for student solution is to sell themselves not inner beauty nor intelgensi sold but the sale of his own body. What is not a primitive way? Be female (sugar babby) affair reason was not just to make money, but also provide benefits and enjoyment. Many men contributor (sugar daddy) is a successful businessman, and they can provide training, even a job after graduation, certainly very pleasing. The main cause is actually not that but the cause is a hedonist culture, luxury living, excessive campus environment that is difficult to avoid, if you want to not participate is not called modern luxury. This dilemma luxury participate had no money eventually forced to find work will take money.If ultimately be the best way to sell yourself as (sugar babby), this is a difficult dilemma but true that no solution? Right or wrong that's their business, but we continue to respect a choice of life, we understand the full reality of the dilemma is a tough one. Here is my only offers a solution concept Will? The solution is to return to the simple life because they were in search of knowledge, do not have to live excessively, easy when you're graduating from college, whatever would be If each induvidu aware of the new changes will occur to the simple habits will prevail campus. The result will certainly create an atmosphere of simple lifestyle on campus and each student would not want to live in luxury because it formed the simple living conditions on campus. Simple life would be more efficient, certainly money from parents would be enough no longer looking for work need be sugar babby moreover ,, it was not necessary because the need is to learn and learning focus, so as not to disappoint the old man in your village who are waiting for your success. Parents will be proud if his success with the honorable and right not to sell yourself. Strive continue to live in spite of difficult. Honor is more expensive than any can not be paid with anything. Focus learning on campus instead of looking for another life, Remember the students are educated respectable person should behave in a respectable but it tastes, life is a choice, we honor your taste. Consciousness does not come from coercion but of conscience and the understanding of mental spaciousness, and clarity of thinking really is not?
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• Guangzhou, China
24 Jun 15
You have revealed a serious campus problem. In China, many girls are also be occupied by men with much money. These college girls are young and beautiful, but how long will their youth last? These men always have families. They may not divorce with their wives. In the city I live in, those local people takes occuping girls as a fashion. College girls are young, innnocent, confused and inexperienced. They become contributed sheep of many hungry wolf men. But do they have to fall down in this way? Some think they can sell their youth, but youth lasts short; some is lack of money, but they can still earn it by hard-working; some is worried about their work, but worries doesn't work; some see other girls find wealthy men, but why should they be the same? This problem is a matter of girls' choices. During my college life, I stick to my principle that I won't fall like others and I can manage everything myself. Now I think I I am dependent enough to be proud of myself. To solve this problem, we should input some thoughts to girls' mind. That's: depend on yoursel! The school has a larger responsibility. And parents and the society should also care about this probelm. As you said, students in school is for education. That's their work.