Back To Normal

@julyteen (13253)
Davao, Philippines
August 4, 2015 7:02am CST
Is it a new hope for this site to up again and no more financial crisis later on? I lost all my balances and now we started from scratch again. Hoping to reach again the minimum payout soon. Anyway, thanks to one of my closed mylotter who posted in my FB timeline about the come back of myLot. How's everything myLotters?
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• Philippines
4 Aug 15
Its just teh same for me, but you seemed to be getting lucky these past few years. not sure if you have talk to others into going back to the site, i have not talk to them about it.
@julyteen (13253)
• Davao, Philippines
9 Aug 15
Yes bro, you are right. I am lucky with different online stuff. I earn favorable money from them specially at this moment. I enjoy my new found opportunity.
@julyteen (13253)
• Davao, Philippines
9 Aug 15
@Letranknight2015 I will be leaving soon on my job abroad and might focus on my offline and online business.
• United States
18 Aug 16
Yes its nice to be back. I was surprised as well when I sign in and the earning programs back. However I'm still having difficulty posting a discussion though.
@jugsjugs (13004)
27 Oct 15
I have only just this week been reminded about this site again from a friend here on this site. This was a place I used to come to chat with you and many others. Always new discussion on here no matter what time of the day or night that I was on. Great place to talk to loads of different people.