U.S. History: NBC Parts Ways With 2016 Presidential Candidate

Austin, Texas
August 6, 2015 6:49pm CST
Tonight (August 6, 2015) is going to be the 1st televised debate (not on everybody's TV though - we don't get cable TV, so it's not in our house) so that America will know the views of the potential next President of the United States. Even though there are 17 bona fide candidates, only 10 will get to express themselves for further exploration. * HISTORICAL MEDIA MOMENT: * NBC severed business ties with Donald Trump because of his remarks about people coming across the Mexican border. Sharing this historical marker here even though this is old news. It's so 2 weeks or maybe 2 months ago! Let's not even debate whether Donald Trump is a serious contender for the Oval Office. But life is full of surprises. So if he gets elected … PRAY! … his mouth don't start a war!
NBCUniversal has severed its relationship with Donald Trump over his controversial comments about immigrants coming over the Mexico border, dumping the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant broadcasts...
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@Rollo1 (16639)
• Boston, Massachusetts
19 Aug 15
When Ronald Reagan was running for president everyone thought he was going to start a way because he spoke plainly about our geopolitical enemies. In actuality, when other countries think that we have a president who might be a little quick on the draw, they are less likely to show aggression towards us. Donald wouldn't start a war, he might prevent our enemies from trying anything against us.
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• Austin, Texas
19 Aug 15
People took Ronald Reagan more seriously than they take Donald Trump. The Donald has shown he can cause controversy and get people talking. So far folks are just talking and his comments, though some may deem them insulting, have not been inflammatory enough to go beyond a little brew ha ha. Reagan knew what was involved and was prepared to take the reigns when he got into office. If Trump wins, hope he's prepared too! Surely he must already understand that problems won't be so easily solved by just saying “You're fired!” I might also add the world during Reagan is different from our world now. We're POST 9/11. There are very likely enemies with plans in the works that are NPN (no provocation needed). Thanks for commenting. Very much appreciated.