Hottest Summer

United States
August 16, 2015 10:50am CST
This summer has been one of the hottest summers I can remember. There have been reports all over the United States of a record hot summer. Some blame it on global warming. Some say it's just hot and that's all there is to it. I say it's because it's been a full summer with no Blue Bell.
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@Rollo1 (16679)
• Boston, Massachusetts
16 Aug 15
It was cold here until July, and we've had some hot days but not more than usual. But we've never had Bluebell.
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@jstory07 (135217)
• Roseburg, Oregon
16 Aug 15
Here the first two months were cool as it was raining every day. August has been very hot.
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@rosekiss (30380)
• Eugene, Oregon
16 Aug 15
You are right that is has been a hot summer, and it isn't over yet. Here in Oregon, we are due for some more very hot weather, and in my case, I don't have ac, so I use fans to cool myself and the house down. It isn't the same as ac, but it certainly is cheaper, and I need to save as much as I can. I think that once this month is over, then it should start cooling down next month, although it can still get hot in September. I will be glad when it cools down and stays that way. I just can't take the heat at my age. It will be cool soon enough though, so I better enjoy the heat now.
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• Williamsburg, Virginia
16 Aug 15
I will agree. It has been a hot summer. For longer it has been hotter. Cant wait for fall.