Islam and Terrorism

@pormadi (1300)
September 6, 2006 6:12am CST
'Islam' is an Arabic word and connotes submission, surrender and obedience to ALLAH - and that is called 'ISLAM'. Another literal meaning of the word 'islam' is 'peace' and this signifies that one can achieve real peace of body and of mind only through submission and obedience to Allah. Such life of the obedience brings in peace of the heart and establish real peace in society at large. The main question is, why the most of named terrorist come from the people who mention themselves as muslim? Why their activity to hate others (non-muslim) in the name of Allah?
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@masoud02 (176)
• Oman
7 Sep 06
pormadi, No body hates anybody it's only western perception that Muslims hate non-muslims.In the real fact it's the other side which hates Islam and Muslims....See what they do to muslim countries!!!