The Skinny Girl Plan - my new job

September 16, 2015 6:09am CST
My new business has changed my life. So I wanted to tell you all about it :D It’s called The Skinny Girl Plan and it is a 16 week weight loss and health improvement plan! I’ve always been slim, but as time went on and things got harder for me I started comfort eating and at 5’1 I couldn’t afford to have any extra weight or I looked awful!! And so began my quest for weight loss!! I couldn’t afford a gym membership, or to buy home equipment.. and I found trying to buy fresh food all the time cost me way too much money! So I found a product called Juice Plus! Juice Plus contains fruit and veg, good slow release carbs, and proteins, vitamins, minerals, the works – and are an entire meal replacement!!! They help you lose weight, and are 100% natural and improve your health! And buying this monthly worked out cheaper than what I was spending on breakfast and lunch through the week! And the weight fell off!! Then my rep, asked me did I want to be a rep – so I said yes – and I have never looked back! I now have 23 people working for me.. my income has quadrupled if not more, and it’s honestly the best thing I ever did in my life!! I am always recruiting and looking for new team members, and the majority of my team members are now earning mega money also!!
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20 Jan 16
Ehh I never trust these things