Is Mylot worth spending time on these days?

United States
September 16, 2015 7:44pm CST
Its been a few years since I have been on mylot and I see alot has changed. I just wondered if it is worth it to still pursue this as a means of additional income. I remember back in the day I would get about $10 a month. Not much but it was good for being a stay at home mom. Now I work out of the house but am alway looking for new streams of income because you never know when that could change. And everyone can use extra right? I remembered this and thought I would give it another go.
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@Rollo1 (16691)
• Boston, Massachusetts
17 Sep 15
I think it's actually easier to earn now than before because you earn for interacting so you don't always have to be writing discussions. Everything you do adds value to the site, so it is eligible for earning.
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@Angelee_27 (3460)
• United States
17 Sep 15
Yes, definitely! You can easily make $10 or more per month here now days. The way things are looking for me at the moment, I should be getting $15-$20 next payday.
• Malaysia
17 Sep 15
I take a year to reach minimum payout $10, I think I am slow enough because I will think sometime to write a meaningful discussion.
@scheng1 (24668)
• Singapore
17 Oct 15
As far as I can see, the new Mylot is probably better than the old Mylot in term of earnings. You get a nice surprise when you wake up the next morning, and login to check your overnight earnings. The money is real enough, and the effort is rewarding. i like to feel that I have made some money when I sleep the night away.
• Cleveland, Tennessee
16 Nov 15
I suppose mylot could be a good place to hang out for a little extra cash here and there especially if you like meeting people who may have something interesting to post that deserves continued conservation. The hottest craze going on nowadays for extra cash is revenue sharing which makes for some nice easy passive income. If you'd like to know what's on fire get in touch.
@akp100 (13663)
• India
17 Oct 15
It is surely not like the old my lot.. They have changes many thing. They have stopped earning program and I guess they have new plans now. So as per it they have make the new earning program. For me it seems good so far.
@sprite1950 (30503)
• Corsham, England
17 Sep 15
I am new to this site. I heard that it stopped paying at one time but has now started again. I have no idea how easy it is to earn here but I'm enjoying it anyway so I think I'll stick around.
@wongchoiyee (7422)
• Malaysia
17 Sep 15
Definitely you can take mylot as additional income, but the thing is how long to survive out there? Are you choosing the right place for regular work? However, if you need money and can work then it is also an extra.
@kevin1877uk (37005)
17 Sep 15
I wouldn't know I didn't do anything with the old site, earning are slow, but I guess it's down to how much you put intot he site that makes the difference to your earnings.
@cgalavia (1438)
• Philippines
17 Sep 15
I like it here a lot of people are very kind and interactive.I have so much fun being here for almost a month now.Welcome back and see you around.
@marlina (156324)
• Canada
17 Sep 15
Well, I hope nobody expects to make big money here.
@Jadedjinn (118)
• Pea Ridge, Arkansas
17 Sep 15
Im new to mylot so I couldn't say if it pays off or not. Hearing nothers say it does is reassuring.
@Dragonairy1 (1727)
• Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
17 Sep 15
I'm only new so I don't know, but the cents seem to be adding up reasonably quickly for the time I'm on here.
• Manila, Philippines
17 Sep 15
It's fun and interactive and I'm having a great time responding to topics that interest me. I see a lot of potential with this website. You get paid while having fun. :-)
@Shyamalaa (525)
• Udaipur, India
17 Sep 15
It's my first time on mylot, and I'm already enjoying the interactions. It is also reassuring to see old hands come back, as that is, in itself, a testimonial of sorts to the site.
@rosekiss (30393)
• Eugene, Oregon
17 Sep 15
Welcome back. You have come to the right place as mylot is still as good as it was before. They are back to payinjg us again, so that is a good thing. Interaction is the key to getting paid now, which is dirrerent than before. 'we only earn for what others do, and they earn from us. Once someone responds, and you comment back to them, then you will get a comment back, and so on. The comments in the discussions take on a life of their own, and they keep the discussion going, and that is what you want as the more interaction there is, the more we all make.