Baby Cloths

November 23, 2006 8:30pm CST
Why do baby cloths cost so much money
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@mkirby624 (1599)
• United States
30 Jan 07
They don't really cost that much if you go to the right places. Sure, if you go in Baby Gap, you're going to pay $30 for a pair of infant jeans, but that's just stupid. Go to Target! They have the BEST baby clothes and for good prices. Also, The Children's Place has ADORABLE stuff for very reasonable prices.
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• United States
31 Jan 07
I still think those places charge way too much for clothes for babies. They are going to outgrow them in a couple months and you are going to pay $5 for a shirt? I hate it. My 10 month old has all hand me downs (that both her sisters wore) and a mish-mash of other stuff I got on sale at Target. I could never afford anything at Children's Place, even on sale. I can't stand how much Carter's charges for their clothes. 5 onesies for $15 is crazy. My baby has no cute, frilly dresses because they are way too expensive. We were lucky to hit Target over the weekend while their winter stuff was on sale. She got 2 pair of cute jeans ($4 each) and 2 shirts ($3 each) and 3 pair of shoes (two for $3 and one for full price at $11). I also got my son 3 flannel shirts and a dress shirt and I got the older girls 4 jeans, 5 tops and a sweater between them and some other stuff and spent just over $100. I hate paying more then $4-5 for a t-shirt for my kids. They ruin them within weeks of getting them.
@desamp (7)
• United States
11 Nov 08
Honestly, you are just not looking in the right place if you think that baby clothing is too expensive. I suggest going to a local consignment store, garage sales, or try online consignment like or another baby clothing site. You will not spend close to $5 a shirt if you do your research! :-)
• Indonesia
31 Jan 07
because small is beautiful
@Lydia1901 (16353)
• United States
24 Nov 06
Because they know babies don't stay babies forever and they grow fast, so they want to make parents pay alot of money, which is great for their business.