the Movie Gattaca

September 6, 2006 9:37am CST
the character Vincent represents the unfailing courage and tenacity of the human spirit. His personal achievement is more significant than scientific advances in genetic engineering. Discuss.
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@DJBounce (84)
• Australia
6 Sep 06
I would agree with that comment, but I would also go further.. Gattaca isn't only about courage and tenacity... it is also a thinly-veiled discussion about equal rights and segregation... I mean, it can't be clearer than the fact that, in the Gattaca world, the kind of education you receive, the kind of job you perform, the person you get to marry, is totally dictated by your genetic makeup... now change genetic makeup for colour of skin, and all of a sudden you have apartheid, segregation of black vs white etc that occured up until the late 70s or even later in some places... You also have to ask yourself, what if the roles were reversed? What if one of the "undesirables" was actually in a position of authority? Then these so-called genetically superior people would be classified as "undesirable" and demoted to the lower-class... the decision as to who is superior has to do with who is the one in charge... history has taught us that many times.