Returning to mylot

@maapav (729)
October 26, 2015 11:01am CST
I am returning to mylot after 9 started off with my poem. Can anyone tell what is new about mylot? I was not active as there were changes is mylot. So, want to know from the active members about any new things about it.
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@jerzgirl (8362)
• United States
26 Oct 15
Welcome back! That's quite a while to have been gone. Most of us left when they stopped paying, but now that they've begun again, we're returning one by one.
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@rosekiss (30331)
• Eugene, Oregon
26 Oct 15
It is a lot different than it was at the old mylot, as there we got paid for what we did, and now, we only earn from what others do our our posts. It is the interaction that is the key to making mylot what it is. I love th interaction, as I can earn while absent, provided i interacted wtih others on their posts, so they would interact with me on mine. This is a much better concept than it used to be.
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@owlwings (44059)
• Cambridge, England
26 Oct 15
Welcome back! The design of the site, of course, will be new to you. It was actually created in 2013, when MyLot ended the earnings program. It was only in July this year that the original owners took over the site again and restored the earnings program with a slight twist - it now depends on how much others interact with your posts as to how much you earn. It's still important to post discussions, responses and comments, of course, but if nobody interacts with them, they are not likely to earn anything at all. Of course, it's recommended that you read the Community Guidelines and the Earnings Program FAQs (to be found in "Help", beneath your earnings total at top left) but you may also find it useful to read my short guide to the site here:
A Quick Users Guide to MyLot. How and why you should use MyLot.
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@else34 (13559)
• New Delhi, India
27 Oct 15
@maapav,I was in Mylot about a couple of years back.Then it stopped paying and I joined Bubblews.Now the most important news about Mylot is that it has started paying again.Now that you are back,enjoy!!
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@youless (105078)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Oct 15
I have been away from Mylot since it didn't pay for us. Several days ago I found that Mylot starts to pay and therefore I come back here. It seems there are no big changes here.
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@softbabe44 (5840)
• Vancouver, Washington
27 Oct 15
Were glad to have you welcome.
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@srisahara (4515)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 15
Welcome back to mylot, but maybe you pretty confuse with the new page of mylot. Yes, mylot has new face but it is very simple to operate than old mylot. I hope you will feel enjoy with the new face of mylot...Have a nice day...!
@just4him (245338)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
27 Oct 15
I'm new so I'm not aware of the changes.