The Death Of Internet Marketing

United States
November 24, 2006 12:25am CST
I have just finished reading Mike Filsaime's Free Report called - "The Death of Internet Marketing. And let me say here and now that I believe that everyone marketing on the internet should read this report. It has a lot of food for thought and some great Ideas that I believe many people can use now and It is free. Believe me it contains much to think about. I have some very real feelings about what he has to say in this report. But before I get into that, if you haven't read it yet you can pick up a free copy here. AS I said I just finished reading the report and I came away feeling somewhat discouraged by some of what I read. if what Mike says is true Then we are looking at the end of marketing on the internet as we all know it. He talks about niche marketing and producing our own products. He talks about forming a small group of marketers who promote each others products and say no to all outsiders. And they will do big promotions and help each other. This is all good if you are making the big bucks and can afford to do that. But what about us little guys? What about us little guys who are just starting out? When internet marketing as we know it dies and is reborn as Mike predicts, will there be room for us little guys to do more than just line the pockets of the big guys with our hard earned and very few dollars. I sit at my computer almost every night. And I send out emails. I post to safelist, FFA's, I do all the things that Mike Filsaime and others tell me works. But I have yet to make any money. It is not that I am saying that what they told me is bad information. But if we are facing the death of internet marketing as we have known it, then where will the little guys like me fit into the new IM that mike and others are creating? What say You?
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@saibal06 (2575)
• India
24 Nov 06
Well... Yes... I dont know if the Internet marketting is finished so early!!