Key Board Tricks!! Please Do Not Ignore This ..

@bkpdp1 (921)
November 24, 2006 11:15am CST
Hi friends, Lets us start a discussion about keyboard tricks. Please post your keyboard tricks if you know any of them... Tricks: 1 While working on MS-WORD, can you select words in a column wise from a open word document, if you are asked to do so? It will help you in different ways.... Steps: Open MS-WORD & open any of your previously typed documents. Suppose you have to select in column wise from the middle of the page. Place your mouse cursor from where you want to be select. Press Alt key and drag you mouse selection downward & select the text at your convenient. Then release the mouse & now you can do whatever formatting you need for that selected text, i.e, bold, underline, change font type etc. Please let me know if anybody knows it earlier with your own tricks....
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