Self healing - Holistic way

September 7, 2006 2:18am CST
Self healing is the concept of the latest era. Everybody is now a days so busy in their daily chores that they dont get time for the regular exercises or some sort of exersion which is badly needed to give our body some physical exercise. Because of this less mobility people are falling sick more often as their immune system is weak. To fight against such odds the holistic healing concept has come up with the latest techniques in the self healing and cure. There are lots of techniques such as Accupressure, Aroma therapy, Magnetic therapy, Meditational therapy, Reiki, Aura therapy, Accupuncture, etc. People should include at least one of these best therapies to keep themselves relaxed and fit in their busy life style. Keep fit and keep smiling.
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• India
22 Sep 06
Self healing is the best way to heal your self from any ailment. There are many treatments which have been validated for the various diseases specially for the Chronic and skin diseases which may be cured by the accupressure and other healing methodolgies. I have tried myself the yoga, reiki, accupunture and accupressure with some exposure to the Magnetic therapy as well and I found that regular usage of these therapies will make our bodies resistant to many ailments and will make the immunity more and more stronger.
@bmuchler (442)
• United States
15 Nov 09
I'd love to try Acupressure or Acupuncture. Unfortunately my Health Insurance does not pay for it and it is expensive. I don't really know where to find Holistic Practitioners in my area.
@farel1zg (181)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
18 Oct 06
after many wrong medical procedures for spine and back problems for the last few years now i am only on self healing therapies. but i have to say, there were no any treatment from holistic or complementary medicine which would be of help in moments which i suffered. only surgery relieved me from horrible pain. and only thanks to surgery and classical medicine i am alive today. and if i come to the same position like before, if my spine goes more worse, again i would not have any other choice then surgery. and for condition of my body nowdays, after 2 spine surgeries, and for which classical medicine doesnt have any cure or surgery to help, i only use complementary medicine, which include all possible ways to help with my daily problems and symptoms.