Can't control this feeling!!!

United States
April 24, 2016 10:12pm CST
Why do i hate or dislike kids???? (((((I mean,, i DONTTTTT nothing bad to happen to them))))) But I can't stand them they make me feel miserable depressed mad upset and unhappy!!!...... I never had kids of my own ,, i had dealt with few kids from some ex girlfriends and gain their love or affection... Right now im raising two kids for the last 4 years and they honestly love me and cry when im gone and always looking for me But deep inside me i cant control this dislike or hate for kids in general,,, im sooo unhappy so disgusted and every damn day im miserable....((( NO IM NOT MIS TREATING THEM IM NOT ABUSING THEM WHATSOEVER))) But can't help what I honestly feel ????????
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