List the top 5 things you would teach your dog during training

May 2, 2016 6:12pm CST
Whew! Another successful dog training day! Woke up to a very wet kiss from my dog DeBi. She's a German Shepherd/ Japanese Spitz mix that I've had for 2 years now. How fast time flies. I rescued her as a pup from a "breeder" who kept her in a bird cage. It was so small and I just happened to see her when I went to go look at the dogs he was selling. I ended up adopting her instead when I told him he could be sued for animal cruelty. She's become a very alert and energetic dog with me and she even gave me 8 puppies last year. I gave them all away to good owners and I kept 1 for myself so she'd have a playmate. I train Debi and her puppy, Minute every day. They know the commands "Sit", "Stay", "Down", "Come" and "Heel". I also taught them how to fetch, pick up things I've dropped and go in and out of the house by themselves. Another puppy has been added to my household and I am busy traiing her the same things. She's a pitbull and these three dogs keep me company the whole day while I write. The pitbull is slowly learning all the tricks DeBi knows but she loves sleeping more than my playful dog. I'm thinking of training dogs for a living aside from writing. So, if I were to come to your door offering my services, what would you like me to teach your dog? Do you have 5 commands in mind that you feel are important for a dog to learn?
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@sulynsi (2671)
• Canada
3 May 16
Well this wouldn't qualify as a trick, but I always encouraged anyone who took any of my puppies to first, kennel train, give them submission, or I like to call it, good manners training, and please, especially if they need regular clipping, get them used to being groomed from a young age Get them used to being handled especially the front paws. These basics will make them confident, easy to housebreak and pleasant to be with. This will make it much more likely they will retain a good, loving home for life.
• Philippines
3 May 16
Yeah I often start out with crate training. It works for dogs of all ages. and then I make them like the grooming process by making it a pleasurable experience with lots of treats while they're getting a bath or getting their claws clipped