How about my sentences , Is it gramatically correct ?

@Iqbaal (69)
Semarang, Indonesia
May 27, 2016 11:06pm CST
Technology is an important thing in human life , without it we can't do our job easily. In the School or University for instance , when the teacher gave us the chores, we could google it. Sometimes we had difficulty when we were looking for the article resources in the library , but with computer technology we could find the article easily from the internet, and it took short time. We could study easily via internet, we could google the education site.
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• Riverside, California
28 May 16
I dread the day that people think that technology is the answer to all education. People did their jobs with ease without technology for years. Sure, it might make jobs a bit easier, but people got along just fine without it. I'm scared for the day when people don't know a world without these resources.
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