Water Power Your Car!

Acworth, Georgia
June 15, 2016 5:59pm CST
I recently read an article about Stan Meyer who is the inventor of the water power cell. You can learn about his story here Long story short, the day after he met with the US government about the technology, he was "mysteriously" killed. Well, his work lived on and now you can power your car by water! Don't believe it? Search You Tube for the MANY videos of people powering their cars with water. How much would your life, and pockets, change if you could throw out your gas budget for your car? How many more car trips would you take? Check it out and let me know what you think.
Water Fuel Cell / Water Powered Car - Stan Meyer (inventor murdered by illuminati) The water fuel cell is a technical design of a "perpetual motion machine" ...
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16 Jun 16
This is very interesting. Thank you for posting this! It's really sad though how the progress of Science is being slowed down so much by politics and business.
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@Chungshop (2355)
16 Jun 16
Is good or bad news let time prove it. Without this business man, this scientist will not exist, without this political leaders, this business will no more lo.
@succeednow (1633)
• Singapore
16 Jun 16
It's a hoax. Don't believe any of it. It's just not scientifically possible with this simple device which he claimed that can transformed water into hydrogen and run his buggy. Anyway, if it can be done someone else would have figured it out after all these years.
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• Waltham, Massachusetts
19 Jun 16
This is very interesting. I would certainly be open to this if it was proven to work and would be more affordable. I do not know how long it would take to make something like this possible for everyone. I am sorry that the man who created this idea was murdered. It is suspicious and makes you wonder what is going on and why it happened. I hope that he always receives credit for his idea and that he can see from heaven how his idea may help others someday. So much of our bodies are made of water and the earth is full of water too so it is a wonderful environmentally friendly idea.
@shivamani10 (11038)
• Hyderabad, India
16 Jun 16
Ok. I do agree. But, we should also think about the flip side. What will happen to the Petrol Industries. Will they remain quiet? The unscrupulous people are always there to levy tax on the usage of tax and they would bring the cost on par to that of petrol. They will increase the water cess. For collecting and storing rain water you will be asked to pay tax. If you do not have facility to store rain water you will be fined. It becomes compulsory to store rain water and to pay tax for it. If you do not, you will be fined. There will be more instruments in the market that measure the amount of water supplied to the household. They make huge money. For getting contracts from the Govt., they manufacturers will feed the officials and politicians. You will immediately see the Announcement on the T.V..'SCARCITY OF WATER. GOVT IS MAKING EFFORTS TO TACKLE THE PROBLEM". It will be an Agenda Item for political parties to attract the voters.
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@ilocosboy (45157)
• Philippines
15 Jun 16
that is really bad news. But water fuel have been in our generation, even in our country, I read some of this inventions.
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@Amel94 (1741)
• Serbia
15 Jun 16
Well it not be far when water will become very expensive, maybe like a gas I guess..I don't understand why Illuminati killed this inventor. Do you know?
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@polyxena (2628)
• Sturgis, Michigan
16 Jun 16
That is by far the most interesting thing I've seen, it'd save money.