Maids (2015 K-Drama TV series)

Maids movie poster
Austin, Texas
August 6, 2016 5:04pm CST
Watching another K-drama TV series. The title is “Maids”. Have not finished this series but I already know the moral of the story. Moral? It doesn't matter how or where or what the circumstances are surrounding your birth, it's up to you to decide to survive in the world you were born into, if you are fortunate enough to reach adulthood. Nobody can predict their future but you can choose. If you decide to choose … Choose life! Choose to survive! Give it all you got! To borrow the words from a popular song here in the USA sung by country singer, Kenny Rogers. "You gotta know when to hold up. You gotta know when to fold up. You gotta know when to walk away. And you gotta know when to run!" That's how you survive. If you have not seen "Maids", put it on your watch list. Image credit:
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• Guernsey
7 Aug 16
Realy nice! I put it on my to watch list
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