Rediscovering pink floyd

August 8, 2016 1:44am CST
It feels good to be back after two months! On that note, I wanted to write about an experience that made me fall in love with pink Floyd all over again. This was sometime in July. I was listening to,i think, brain damage from the album 'Dark Side of the Moon'. I for some reason decided to Google what it means. Now, I had always enjoyed pink Floyd's music although I must admit that I didn't always know much about the songs themselves or the story behind them. But that one small decision to look up the meanings of the songs has changed the way I experience pink Floyd. Every song has so much context and so much meaning. I have fallen in love with the honesty and beautiful poetry and metaphorical intelligence that pink Floyd brings to their work. I have been listening to pink Floyd since a really really long time. But now I feel their music on different plane. There's a paradigm shift in the way I feel their songs now! Damn! I can't stop fangirling!
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