Random Thought #1-Did you really sneak beef in my taco?

Merced, California
August 10, 2016 2:46pm CST
That title sounds dirtier than what it is. I'm a vegetarian and I KNOW I can't be the only one to experience this. Every where I go to get food I always have to deal with explaining that I do not want meat in it. I always get the confused looks, the gasps, and the "what is WRONG with this girl?" looks. I've even had people who blatantly ignored the fact that I said that and put it in anyways. Or better yet I've had people who tried to hide the meat under vegetables so I won't notice it until I grab a bite. Now I know some are opposed to taking meat out of their diet and that's fine. I don't force you to become a vegetarian or throw fake blood on your fur coat so why feel the need to force it upon me? And plus I would assume it'd be more money in their pocket (because I don't ask less if I don't add meat) and a hell of a lot easier to assemble. What do we think of this? Am I crazy? Hahaha.
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• Dhaka, Bangladesh
10 Aug 16
crazy guy!