Random Thought #2 What would you do with a million dollars?

Merced, California
August 10, 2016 3:51pm CST
If you could choose 3 things to spend a million dollars on, what would it be? 1) family 2) pay bills off 3) travel 4) invest 5) start a business 6) buy a new car 7) donate it 8) shopping spree 9) going out to expensive restaurants/eating expensive food 10) hire someone to work for you (butler, maid, personal chef, etc)
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@Meramar (2695)
9 Nov 16
Buying a house, start a business and travel with my family. With my own business I hope to be able to pay all my bills and debts.
@LeaPea2417 (35992)
• Toccoa, Georgia
21 Aug 16
I would first and foremost pay off all my debts, then travel to all the places I desire to visit and donate some to my Charity of choice.
@lingayako (235)
• Marikina, Philippines
10 Aug 16
I would buy the things I had been wanting for long, long time.
@hema7213 (3517)
• India
11 Aug 16
well, in family, invest and shopping
@rina110383 (24500)
11 Aug 16
I'll spend that huge amount on my family (parents & siblings) and save the rest.
• United States
10 Aug 16
I would do 2 first, then 1, and then 5.
@MALUSE (69316)
• Germany
10 Aug 16
No10 is what people often say who haven't thought things through thoroughly. It's often accompanied by 'living on a tropical island'. You'd soon die of boredom.
@Sajati2 (11)
• Casablanca, Morocco
10 Aug 16
So, First I pay my bills???? , I make obligatoir shopping ??????then I start a business to have a return on ??????????????????it to attend to my family and traveling ....