Do you believe in abortion?

United States
November 25, 2006 10:13am CST
I think the choice should be up to the woman or girl..If you can't take care of can u expect to take care of a kid..People wanna believe there aren't any accidents..I'ma tell you right now, if I have a kid..Today..or tomorrow or anytime in the near future..(It's an accident!) True, people know the potential results of their actions,before they engage in these activites..But who doesn't make mistakes...Also, look at it like this..If a woman gets shall we say (handled) why shouldn't she be able to get one if she is gonna have horrible memories attached to that child everytime she sees it?..Or you go to the club meet some girl/guy and u two have one night of passion(throwing caution in the wind) should a child have to grow up in an environment where it's not wanted?...Also, look at the kids that have to grow up in adopiton agencies..waiting for someone to look them over and decide if they wanna take them home..U wanna put a kid thru that come on:( Everyone makes mistakes..but as long as we learn from them..then I believe it's okay..So to make both sides happy..we can come to an agreement..Let's say 2 abortions for per woman..If you don't learn from the first..your given the benefit of the doubt..If you do it again, you should be ashamed of yourself or have good reason(i.e. handled..against will)..But if you do it a 3rd time...Break out the Pampers..because you are now the ready or not mother and father of a unmistakable pregnancy:) What do u think?
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25 Nov 06