June 8, 2006 8:21am CST
SINCERELY HAPPY BROTHERS AND SISTERS : Earthquake in yogyakarta on 27 May 2006 representing a natural disaster which is very concern. Every each activity of physical some people its course need supporters of logistics and medically which enough. Hunger and feel pain which they experience of to make us to strive in assisting to look for fund aid for the logistics and medically. If brothers and sisters feel to be knocked by heart to give fund aid to all disaster victim, E.H.C (ECLESSIA HUMAN COMMITTEE) open heart to accept aid of beloved brothers and sisters. E.H.C (ECLESSIA HUMAN COMMITTEE) are joined also in Human Committee of Yogyakarta participating in activity of social / disaster in Yogyakarta. Better assist from at assisted. Please brothers and sisters, open your heart to see our brothers and sisters borning down upon natural disaster in yogyakarta. E.H.C (ECLESSIA HUMAN COMMITTEE) open ACCOUNT BANK DATA fund aid to our brothers and sisters in Yogyakarta. Please contact us and E.H.C (ECLESSIA HUMAN COMMITTEE) are ready for accepting fund aid of brothers and sisters anywhere. Give your contribution to our brothers and sisters in Yogyakarta heartily and at pleasure. More information will be shared as it becomes available. Contributions to assist with recovery efforts in Indonesia are needed. You can make an online donation at and send us e-mail in a below. Thank you very much and God Bless You. E.H.C (ECLESSIA HUMAN COMMITTEE) : INFORMATION DEPARTMENT. Drs. ROBBY SIHOTANG. E-Mail : Phone : +62-61-7760-7321 Fax : +62-61-7760-7322 GREETINGS OF HUMAN COMMITTEE : Anyone wishing to make a donation to help victims of the earthquake in Yogyakarta - Indonesia, can sent its aid to E.H.C (Eclessia Human Committee) : E.H.C (Eclessia Human Committee) ACCOUNT BANK DATA : =============================================== ACCOUNT NUMBER : 105-00-0514450-0 NAME : ROBBY SIHOTANG (ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT OF E.H.C "Eclessia Human Committee"). ADDRESS : JLN. JEND. AHMAD YANI NO. 76 -78. CITY : MEDAN. POST CODE : 20122. PROVINCE : NORTH SUMATERA. COUNTRY : INDONESIA. BANK NAME : MANDIRI. BRANCH : KCP MEDAN KIRANA SWIFT CODE : BEIIIDJA. ===============================================
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