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September 18, 2016 5:20am CST
Have you dreamed of moments that you were crying and suddenly you woke up with tears? I did like this before and I wonder why it's not often to happen. It was an unforgettable moment since it just happened. I think this could be explained by Psychologist.
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@shubhu3 (36469)
• New Delhi, India
18 Sep 16
May be in the real life you are facing some problem because of which you are experiencing such dreams.
@XinfulThotz (4142)
• Singapore, Singapore
18 Sep 16
Yes. I have experienced that too.. but i didn't put mych thought into it...
@Ayuriny (5144)
• Denpasar, Indonesia
18 Sep 16
Yes, i have. I dream about my passed Dad. The dream seemed so real. In the dream i was crying, and when i woke up, i found myself with tears. Yes, i think only psychologist can give explanation for this case.
@5thHouse (1678)
• Sheffield, England
18 Sep 16
I've never woken up crying but I have woken up feeling really sick after eating something vile in a dream.
• Mumbai, India
18 Sep 16
here in India we say it is good to cry in dreams & bad if you smile or laugh in dream