Do you think that rare pets should be allowed?

Exeter, England
September 23, 2016 4:35pm CST
For example, a lot of people find Fennec Foxes extremely adorable and some have enough money to buy them as pets. But is it right to domesticate an animal simply because people find them cute?
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@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Sep 16
no I do not think it right and most animals like that are not allowed t o be sold as pets hjere in the US
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• Cebu, Philippines
24 Sep 16
So long as safety precautions are observed for both owner and pet, I don't see anything wrong with it.
@louievill (28859)
• Philippines
23 Sep 16
I think the right term would be exotic pets, anyway there is a great danger that these pets would escape and destroy the eco-balance of a certain place such as the janitor fish and golden snail in our country and the Burmese python and Asian carp in the U.S. Think they should be left alone in their natural habitat
@moirai (2842)
• Philippines
24 Sep 16
I think those beautiful animals should be left in their natural habitat and admired from afar.
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23 Sep 16
I am beginning to think rare (or odd) animals should not be pets. Especially snakes. No matter what you do there's no way to duplicate their natural environment. That's not right, how can they or the species thrive?