Pune, India
September 28, 2016 10:18am CST
Maa: Hello Baby! When are you going to come home? This semester you didn't come home a single time. Can you not manage time for your maa? Get done with your tests, assignments faster and come home. Even she knew lecture and test schedule was not in my hand. Every time I planned to go home to visit maa I would receive message on WhatsApp from the class representative. 'Tomorrow is the presentation and day after tomorrow two tests are lined up' And then I had to cancel the plans of going home. It made me sad to stay at hostel away from Mom and dad. Now even more.. knowing that I would be getting married sooner. I never knew Why it never was concern for me.. How the guy would be? How his family would be? All I am concerned these days is about.. I will be away from my Mumma and papa. May be I trust my mom and dad more than myself. May be they will find a better guy than I will ever select for myself. Right from childhood I have been so habitual of my mumma's consultation for every single thing. Even at 2 AM I would call her from my hostel. 'Maa, I am having stomach cramps what should I do? Maa: Take the medicine. Open your red bag, Check the left pocket. I have kept it there. At 2:15 AM I would get a call.'Do you feel better now? Or I will find other ways to soothe pain for the night.' Me: Maa, I feel better just after talking to you. please go to bed now. I love you. Maa: Call me anytime. I am awake only. I wont be sleepy until my baby feels okay. I would regret at the same moment. Why did I have to call her. She would be in more pain than me. Will she be my 2 AM friend even after I get married? Will I still be her baby Who doesn't know which medicine to take? Will things be the same? I hope so.
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@ms1864 (6886)
• Bangalore, India
28 Sep 16
I usually don't tell my moms about any physical pain i am having until it is too much...i know she will to try take care of it myself first.
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