Have you ever fracture a bone? What was your experience

@Renhard (3471)
October 17, 2016 1:03pm CST
A small story about my past. When I was young very young, I lived on a scheme and sadly as a child I usually fear going home. The reason for my fear was not the destination but rather the journey. The houses on my scheme used to have dogs, maybe they still do now, but unfortunately in my country most people do not chain up their dogs. Actually to think about it most people don't even care. People will leave their house without locking their gates, and passerby would have to just defend themselves. Just to make it known. The dogs that are usually let loose, aren't usually the good breed dogs pit bull etc, nevertheless they were dogs, and they had teeth. I specifically remember this one owner which made it his duty to send his dog after me once he sees me. He would open his gate, let the dog loose and laugh. Not to belittle anyone, but maybe, just maybe he was mentally challenge; for a man to be sending his dog to bite a child I just couldn't comprehend. Surprisingly though, it has never caught me, I have never gotten a bite because I was always lucky enough for someone else to help me. Now being a 7, 8 year old child who had to be running from dogs from that tender made me absolutely scared of them. Fast forward many years later, and now being an adult I am still scared of them. No matter how small, I really do have a phobia. Recently I had an incident where a good breed dog escaped while his owner was overseas. I was chased by the dog and in all the action I fell, jumped up back and managed to make it through a door and locked the door behind me. I was panting deeply and someone saw me and I could remembered how their face looked worried. At the time I couldn't understand why he was so worried, for all I was doing was just panting. I am pretty sure he didn't see me running. I looked down to see my shirt bloody, I tried to wipe the sweat off my face to also see my hand now covered with blood. I was bleeding all over from the fall. I broke my tooth, I displaced another tooth. My chin was bleeding, my left flank was bleeding, and I had abrasions over both my knees. As my adrenaline levels decreased and I moved off I notice a pain in my toe. My right great toe to be exact. I called up one of my fellow medical student colleagues to dress me, but the limited first aid that was available lend to me feeling excruciating pain as each cut is cleaned. I went to the hospital after only to receive an xray saying my toe has been fractured. This was my first fracture ever received. This one fracture made things difficult as I couldn't put any pressure on the entire foot. The doctors cast my foot, then left me on the bed as they told me they were finished and I could go and made it known i should not put any pressure on the foot. With no crutches and no way to reach home, I just sat there on the bed pondering, how am I going to reach home. Make it be known this is the same hospital, I am studying to become a doctor in. I felt like i was treated not like a person, but rather like solely a medical condition.
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@swalia (1386)
• India
17 Oct 16
Fortunately I didn't have any such experience till date
@Renhard (3471)
• Jamaica
17 Oct 16
What do you mean by "till date?" Usually in my culture when you say that it would mean "until now."