Dragon's Egg

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October 25, 2016 11:52am CST
OK MyLot peeps time to get brain juices moving during my lunch break. So let's say that some archaeologist are digging in some old tomb and finds an actual Dino egg that is not a fossil but an actual egg of a dinosaur with some type of transcription stating that it was a dragon's egg. We do a DNA test and find out it is really a known dinosaur. However this would change a lot of the timeline that we know. As this would mean that dinosaurs "which people thought of as dragons" were actually alive and around during the human timeline. Sure they were not everywhere but that would explain the myths and legends. What are your thoughts on this?
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@ms1864 (6888)
• Bangalore, India
25 Oct 16
Actually since there are a lot of cultures that have these dragon like creatures mentioned in their stories...i think they did actually exist in the human timeline. Maybe some variations of dinosaurs...smaller or with slightly different features...
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• United States
25 Oct 16
I agree with you. I also think there was swimming ones that took down ships and such.
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