we need you to pass this around

Kent, Washington
November 25, 2006 6:37pm CST
Hello my friends, Well I am Trying to raise 2o,ooo Dollars for 3 kids,They are all parents of Adlandpro,Our kids have worked very hard to earn this trip. I must be able to get these 3 kids there.Bake sale well we would have to sell alot of cookies thats for sure.The foundations most have been used up,I have to now depend on the Big bussinesses.If you know of any in your town could you get me there email adresses so I may send them a copy of our plea???Any thing or any help I can get would help.Pass this forum around would be nice.If we could just get each perswon to send in $1.oo It would take care of itsself. Thanks,Kathy/simikathy. Pay Pal#issimikathy@comcast.net If someone could send this forum through your Direct contact here at Adlandpro It would be appreciated, we could reach more people possibly. This is as well for the 2 other parents I am helping to. Trina her son in Colorado and Terrance his daughter in New york. please help us pass this on to all your friends on your friends list. Kathy/simikathy.com simikathy@comcast.net 253 277 1238 Kathy/simikathy.netwe need your help passing this around
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