god not exist there!

really god doesn't see them?
By Rana
California City, California
November 5, 2016 10:36pm CST
Why they are die for food, when 1st world countries are busy for a new taste. Every day almost 16000 children are died of hunger related cause! That's one child in five second dead of this cause. They are out of gods area? maybe right! America spend money for buying new missile, but using this money we are able to give a kid school's 5 years everyday lunch's food ! So, people help them, how can you are able!
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• Philippines
6 Nov 16
Of course god exist, unfortunately our own society and free will made this happen. but if there's site i can donate then i will donate.
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@Hasana (348)
• Mumbai, India
6 Nov 16
That's such awful! I wished i could do something for them.
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@marguicha (215189)
• Chile
6 Nov 16
There are no words after seeing that picture In many countries obesity is becoming a problem, with people eating several times what they need while people in other countries live and die in hunger.
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@Shavkat (137193)
• Philippines
6 Nov 16
I can only offer prayers for them. How about you?
• California City, California
6 Nov 16
Prayer is not enough, try give them support on your position!
@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
5 Dec 16
Not just America but many Countries support arms production. Yes should be money for plow's not money for sword's.
@LeaPea2417 (36399)
• Toccoa, Georgia
4 Dec 16
I will tell you, I felt guilty this past Thanksgiving when I got together with my family to eat a Buffet. It did cross my mind that while we had a lot to eat that day, some people are starving and it made me feel bad. All I can do is try to find a good Humanitarian Organization to send money to that helps the hungry. One other thing I can do is help supply food to the local food banks.
@ms1864 (6886)
• Bangalore, India
6 Nov 16
we all must do what we can... have you been helping them?
• California City, California
7 Nov 16
we are we are try to help by selling tshirt.
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@xstitcher (30252)
• Petaluma, California
11 Nov 16
God certainly does exsist, and He is everywhere. However, it is people who do not acknowledge Him.
@neersha (248)
• Delhi, India
17 Nov 16
i am going to share this post on each and every my social media account hope someone is going to do for them.