Pit box: Hail to the victor

@tvbp1985 (999)
November 25, 2006 8:39pm CST
Vinnie: It was a great NASCAR Nextel Cup season for the Diet Dr Pepper Sporting News No. 1 Pit box team. We came out here and struggled a bit on Turn 1, but thankfully Roger Kuznia proved he was no better than Roger Penske in managing his racing team. Although my picks never finished first and he got on the board with a win from Kasey Kahne, Roger and Kasey should both know now that fast and steady, not boom or bust, wins the Chase. Roger deserves credit for going for the checkered flags, but my strategy was one of caution -- if I saw a red flag, I stayed away. He might call me a lucky dog after I lapped him late in our first season, but I prefer to say I was good at the right time. I stuck with Hendrick Motorsports, especially Jimmie Johnson, down the stretch. J.J. won the Nextel championship, and it's no coincidence I rode his spoiler into the season's ultimate victory lane. Roger, No. 48 is the real reason you finished No. 2. Roger: I suck. I do not deserve to be in Vinnie's magnificent presence. Bad times.
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