how a lot of people soesnt think any bad can come to them

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November 25, 2006 10:32pm CST
its funny how people think nothing bad can happen to there own family .. but it can ,in a split second you could loose everything you have .and when that happens it seems like theres noone out there around thats willing to help i have had it happen to my family .my husband had a server heart attack. he died but they brought him back .then three weeks later hes rused back to the hospital again this time he has conjective heart failure .before they let him come home they went ahead and put a pace maker and something else in his chest.. so now were here verly liveing from day to day .. on a fixed income of 833.00 and 545.00 has to go to his meds so now were looseing everything we own ... believe me no matter how rich someone is they can be brought down fast too it doesnt take long .and also believe me when i say people out there arent that willing to lend a helping hand ..
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@misskatonic (3726)
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10 Dec 06
It's actually a line of thinking called reverse egotism - the idea that nothing can happen to a person or their family. That they're perfectly normal and mundane and nothing can happen. But bad things happen to everyone at some point. I was the same way, until I broke my back. My line of thinking changed drastically after that.