December 5, 2016 12:31pm CST
So many stories that we read or heard about showing kindness to people who you know and who you don't even know or have not even met. Can you imagine what the world we will have to live in if only we do even one act of kindness each day. This morning, as I was watching NBC news and the "Be Brave" which Lady Gaga were featured and has shown her way of kindness to the homeless teenagers and sharing her blessings and opening up her life stories and showing these teens that even those privilege people have their own struggles as well. And as one of her song lines says... stay brave and believe that somewhere out there your life will change. For those of us who has less struggles in life can we show some act of kindness to people?...... sure we can.. and how? start at home or in your work place. A small act of kindness will go a long way.
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@laielari (10)
5 Dec 16
sometimes i donate for carity institutions. The government of course have to change the country of course. But population have to help each other too :)) have a good day
@skysnap (20174)
5 Dec 16
I read a lot of those stories on the website about zen.