Does Close eye makes the world blind ?

By Zap
@zap_81 (1019)
December 6, 2016 6:53am CST
I am from India and there has been a power charge. We had a party which ruled us for last 50 years if not more in the 60 years of our Independence. The new prime minister is doing a good job. The problem I am facing is that the line between criticism and anti national has gone. Whenever you say anything about the government or prime minister, people are behaving as if you are telling them personally and calling you anti national because you come from a minority. Support a party by all means but there are other voices which cannot be turned down as anti national . Lets hope we have a better country and people are more tolerable. Intolerance seems to be the feeling of the season.
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@ms1864 (6886)
• Bangalore, India
7 Dec 16
I know what you mean...i have come across this too.
@zap_81 (1019)
31 Dec 16
Thanks. the problem is these idiots feel they own the country. A feeling of radicalism is what i notice. I really do not think it is good for the country.
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