What Are We Doing?

@CODYMAC (1356)
San Diego, California
February 2, 2017 2:36pm CST
I am not sure why, but it seems that people would rather argue over things that dont really matter than things that are most important. Food, water, clothing, and shelter are the most important things to any living thing. Take for instance the issue that Americans are protesting over. This muslim ban is so called because folks are too dumb to understand that this is not what the bill is about. They forget that Obama had a similar ban on the countries that Trump signed. We think that everything is going to be better if we just help them out a little. Give in to what they want. Make them happy. I wonder if that is going to stop violent acts from taking place? Our lives are to help others, sure. America is a nation of folks who came from other places. Okay. But when does it end? Where do we say, as a nation, that is going to be enough for now until we get some things figured out? Why can we not help them where they are? We didnt forget how to fly planes loaded with food, water, and clothing to another country so the folks could have what they need. We can fly 100 planes full of building materials to 100 countries every day and help homeless folks all over. We can do that with 1000 planes taking off every day. We have enough jet fuel to do so because of scientists that say our oil reserves can last hundreds of years. Why do we need to bring them here? Why not help them WHERE THEY ARE? The reason is because we still have this mentality that we have to allow folks into our country because that is what kind of country we are. If we are so great and should let folks in, then why not just have open borders and forget this "Mexico is a third world country" nonsense. Canada and the US would welcome everyone from the south. Why worry about border protection? I see this as a stupid way to make certain folks feel bad about what right wingers think about this issue. There really is not an issue, just one that our gov. does not want to do anything about. We could just help folks where they are, and they would be ok. Take out leaders who harm their populations, and give the country another helpful leader. If we cant do that, then we need to do it underground. In a place their gov. will not know it is happening. There are so many ways to combat this issue...stopping folks from entering the US is not a bad thing, it is a logical thing, and should have happened years ago... Why do I need to feel guilty that a leader is taking advantage of their people? Are there not more people than leaders? Sometimes the logical outcome is to simply take care of things where you are.
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