November 26, 2006 9:40am CST
What is hypertension? Sustained rise of Blood Pressure (B.P)above 140/90mm.of Hg. What is essential Hypertension? Where the cause of hypertension is not definitely known. Types of essential hypertension. 1.Benign 2.Malignant(where the diastolic pressure is above 130 mm.of Hg.) Treatment 1.Allay anxiety and tension by i)Orientation of thoughts and ways of life.ii)anxiolytic tranquillo-sedative drugs e.g.Diazepam, Chlorodiazeposide,Lorazepam can help you.iii)Institution of suitable dietetic regime by consuming minimum of salt and saturated fat and switching over to polyunsaturated fat as cooking medium.iv)Maintenance of ideal body weight and regular isotonic exercises e.g.walking,jogging.v)Control of risk factors like Diabetes mellitus, Hypercholesterolamea,obesity or over-weight and avoidence of smoking.
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Thanks for a short medical advice... hope this is useful for us.