Do you believe in Direction?

@shivamani10 (11038)
Hyderabad, India
February 28, 2017 9:05am CST
I have been searching for a house for the last one year. So far I could not get yet. Is it not amazing? Just a house for purchasing ...having money with me...oh...very boring and tiresome. Do you know the reason? Just Vastu. Vastu deals with the directions and places, including the main entrance pertaining to a house either while purchasing or during constructing a house. It says which direction is favorable for whom and in which direction a kitchen should be placed, a bedroom should be placed, where a prayer hall should be, and where a bathroom should be. It also says about the direction in which the main entrance of a house should be and how it should be...I mean whether the main door should be small or big After taking into consideration the buyer if he wants to purchase or construct a house it takes almost a year. If anyone overlooks all these things and goes ahead with the process the people in the house will not like it starting from the Priest to each and everybody. They narrate their own experiences and finally bend you to follow the Vastu principles. Wen I asked my builder to take up construction unmindful of all these principles, he requested me with folded hands to follow the principles in toto and he will not dare to take up the construction. After a careful thought, I said ok to his request and finally followed him to a priest who actually prescribed the time on which the foundation stone should be laid. He said Nov 17th of 2016 would be most suitable. I said O.K. I was very confident that the construction will go on without any obstruction. I switched on the TV on 7th surprisingly only to know that from the next day ie., from 8th of Nov 2016 the denominations of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 are banned. So the program had to be canceled and it was postponed to some other date. .So I contacted my builder immediately and inquired as to what happened to his Vastu principle and there was no reply from him. Should I still believe in Vastu friends?
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@rana4earn (101)
• California City, California
1 Mar 17
Its a nice article!
@pammooratan (4668)
• India
28 Feb 17
It must be some importance due to this is so famous.