Kent, Washington
November 26, 2006 11:28am CST
Hatred is often envy in disguise. Envy knows no gratitude. Envy cannot be pacified. These statements describe a few of Envy's "traits". Envy is characterized by the Machiavellian machinations of the internally weak, self-loathing, unduly proud and peasant minded. Enviers cross all social, economic, educational and professional boundaries. Envy is found among the greats in history, laborers, elite, siblings, co-workers, "friends", individuals, academia, groups, peoples and nations. Biblical examples demonstrate Envy’s deceptive, merciless, and malignant personality. Centuries later, secular scholars and philosophers (e.g., Aristotle and Plato) discovered Envy's true nature the will to completely destroy the envied. Due to Envy’s deeply deceptive nature, too often the envied is unaware of being envied; and so, are at a genuine loss as to why a person or group would vent "inexplicable" cruelty on them. Exacerbating matters, the cruelty is regularly denied directly and indirectly by the envier. This renders witnesses to the envy dynamic ignorant to the truth as well. Kathy Hamilton/simikathy.com Enviers often seize the very questioning of their actions to malign the envied; thereby laying the foundation for wider, subtle and blatant, misrepresentation, accusation, and attacks upon the reasoning faculties and character of the envied. The envier’s intent is always to destroy the envied, to the envier’s comfort and delight, since the envied inadvertently aggravates the enviers deepest inferiority feelings.
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