Is this a decent way to make extra cash??

By Angi
Wise, Virginia
April 8, 2017 11:02pm CST
I noticed that the FAQ said offer would be listed to make money, but I'm not showing anything.
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@kevinakash (2084)
• Sri Lanka
24 Apr 17
haven't tried any of the offers here. just interacting with people
@sidache (192)
• India
11 Apr 17
Why someone will pay you? Think first. If they are paying you less they are also taking very lesd from u in terms of data usage. Its a game of data usage. Use more i. e. more conversations and get more percentage of your data used on this site.
@prinzcy (32322)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 17
Offer page will be updated when there's one. In the meantime, just interact here. Welcome to mylot by the way.
@Yadah04 (3363)
• Philippines
10 Apr 17
i never did offers listed here. i just join the discussions and interact.
• United Kingdom
9 Apr 17
Yep. Just keep talking...that's all you need to do! That's why the women here win hands comes natural to them!
@Jon2071 (256)
• United States
9 Apr 17
I don't think this is really a way to make much money, just a fun hobby if you like writing and reading what others write. Incidentally, I noticed that you are from Wise,Virginia. My wife is from your part of the country. She was born and raised in Bevinsville, Kentucky, which is near Prestonburg, Ky.
@ms1864 (6886)
• Bangalore, India
9 Apr 17
The offer's update from time to time....something might show up later. The amount of money we make here is entirly dependent on the amount of time we spend interacting with other discussions. So do stay a while...try it out. And welcome to mylot!
@dhoyalahoy (1414)
• Philippines
9 Apr 17
You can see that under your photo and after of suggestions. More interaction will bring you good cents.