Gun Control

@skydream (1446)
Agate, Colorado
April 16, 2017 8:46pm CST
I know gun control is always a controversial topic i used to think how the laws were now was fine because people wanting to get one would find a way no matter what but after all the shootings, especially today in Ohio, I changed my opinion, a few years ago, that something needs to change. Guns need to not be so easy to get, certain guns don't need to be attainable at all. I feel so bad for people who have lost someone to gun violence and to see the gun laws not change. If you don't know someone in Ohio has a gun and is killing random innocent people and live recorded it on Facebook, i get if someone wants to do something evil they will find a way but i think we really need to find ways to try as hard as possible to stop them so this stops happenig
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