Do you have a nickname?

@KHyuga (1700)
September 9, 2006 12:38am CST
Do your friends give you a nickname? Care to share?
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@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
My nickname are two unique things that my parents and my friends called me ever since I was a child and that includes "Pangs" which in stand for pango (meaning flat nose lol!) and "Gha" which means love here. I really love to be called with my nickname sometimes it is sweet to hear it specially when it came from the friends that are special to you.
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@KHyuga (1700)
• Singapore
9 Feb 07
Yeah nice nicknames are great because it sort of personalises your character, just like a trademark or a patent lol.
@rubygrace (649)
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
yes of course my friend call me bestbee or bestsee.
@bowtieguy (5925)
• United States
30 Jul 07
Just the one I am using as my screen name, people used to say he's the guy in the bow tie, since i was the only one who wore them, now there are three of us and we are refered to as the bowtie guys.
@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 07
iron - iron picture
they used to call me iron(because my nose is so flat):
• India
12 Dec 06
yes i have a nick name other than my original name...
• India
12 Dec 06
yes i have a nickname raj .
@bwakjira (445)
• Ethiopia
22 Sep 06
Ya it is Fintil mom gave me that.
@moneymind (10521)
• Philippines
19 Sep 06
No, I don't have a nickname. I have my user name in this community thou. greetings. : )