Heard of Nashiha Pervin?

@hydraa (808)
Mumbai, India
July 11, 2017 11:01am CST
I happen to come across a WhatsApp status of my friend. It made so much sense that I couldn't stop myself but to go through the lengthy text that written. The name that appeared at the end of the text was Nashiha Pervin. It said "It's alright. It really is. How you didn't get that job you were interviewing for despite qualifying. How the person you thought if you loved enough would marry you, but didn't. How you never lost those 10 extra pounds despite working out so hard. How you lost so many friends despite trying to be a good one yourself. How you didn't graduate the same year as your peer despite starting out together and studying super hard. We constantly try to fit into the narrative of "this is what was supposed to happen if I did this." And the truth is, no matter what you do, no matter what intentions you had, no matter how much you want something to work out, it won't. It just won't. And you can throw a tantrum, be depressed and scream life's not fair but that's probably just it. Life isn't fair, it was never designed to be fair. It was designed to be flawed. So flawed that it helps us make changes. So flawed that it helps us build character. And so flawed that in the mess of it all, we somehow become better. Better people with a refined perspective on life. Life will never be fair, it will never go according to a structured plan, it will never fit a black and white narrative. And once you wholesomely accept that that's when your transformation begins." So damn true, isn't it? What is your opinion about Nashiha Pervin's quotes? Do share with me.
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11 Jul 17
Well true...but accepting and doing nothing gets us nowhere. So action is the key to change.