Jealousy Gets You Nowhere Fast

Hayes, Virginia
July 17, 2017 6:29pm CST
Jealousy is human nature, at some point everyone gets a jealous streak and thats normal. However, there is a line that cannot be crossed because thats when things can become dangerous! Love is not jealous! I have been in those shoes and danger is what I nearly drowned in. I know longer was my own person. I became a victim of domestic violence. Control was an understatement. I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted or go out without the supervision of a man that constantly put me down with his brutual mouth and called me names that no woman should ever be called. we had two children together and he began to think he had me trapped and I started to believe it to! My self esteem was taken and all the lies he filled my head with I started thinking was the truth. However like I said, 8 long years later I still remained in captivity so it seemed! Until one night he was drunk and drugged up and almost killed me and my 3month old who under went brain surgery for a fractured skull. Jealousy turns bitter I want woman to get out before it's too late.
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@SonjaRae (19977)
• United States
17 Jul 17
Regardless of how long it took you to get out, you did! I applaud your bravery!
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@peachpurple (13874)
• Malaysia
19 Jul 17
Jealousy bites the heart out of you. Be careful
@Shavkat (131287)
• Philippines
18 Jul 17
There is nothing to be jealous but it should be in the right timing.
@ilocosboy (45237)
• Philippines
18 Jul 17
Jealousy is one spice of good relationship, but just like any other spices if its too much, it ruins the the relationship.
19 Jul 17
I have jealousy and ego