How do you feel about the God's Not Dead movies?

@jbb316 (1779)
United States
September 19, 2017 12:24am CST
I thought about because I watched both of the God's Not Dead movies tonight. Personally, I love them! I think they are inspiring. And they make you think. And when they are over you just feel good. Of course, I don't push my views on anyone. I feel this is a personal choice. Not everyone sees things the same. Therefore we will not all agree.
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@opalina143 (1240)
• Morristown, New Jersey
23 Sep 17
I dont' usually like Christian movies that have atheists in them because they always make the atheists out to be bad people who hate Christianity and want to stop Christians from being Christian. They are always the bad guys. They are anti-Christian and want to take away the Christian faith. And that's not true. Sure, there are SOME atheists like that, who are really against Christianity, but its' not all of us. I'm an atheist but I dont' go around trying to make other people atheists. I have lots of Christian friends, Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, Orthodox Christians, even some born again Christians, and I have never once tried to convert them to atheism. If you are a Christian and your faith gives you comfort and makes you happy, you should stay a Christian. I dont' believe in Christianity, but I dont' think it's bad or that people shouldn't believe it. there are some good things about Christianity. The do unto others golden rule, Jesus saying love your enemies, be good to other people- if more people followed those teachings we'd have a better world. I dont believe Jesus was god or the bible is true, and if anyone asks why I can tell them why. I can give my reasons why I don't believe, but only if someone asks me. I dont' go around trying to make people believe what I believe. My three or four friends who are atheists are the same way. None of us are anti-Christian. We just dont believe So when they always make atheists out to hate Christianity, I don't think that's right.
@gnatsmom (2286)
21 Sep 17
I have seen them both. I loved them. I think the writers did a good job addressing issues relevant to today. The movie also presents the Gospel in such a way that it is not being shoved down people's throats. One comes away understanding a life with Christ is a choice. The presentation is with love and humility, as well as boldness.